What is a Will? 

A Will is a legal declaration of an individual’s intentions as to how he or she wishes to dispose of their property after death. Once you make a Will then the legal process in dealing with your affairs will be easier and therefore less expensive. Making a Will is important.   Do you want to decide who receives your assets? 

Making a Will is a vital part of planning for the future of your loved ones. It is also the only way of guaranteeing that your wishes are respected after your death. 

If you do not have a Will then the intestacy rules will dictate what happens to your assets after your death. Making a Will is a quick and easy process and ensures that the interests of your family and dependants are protected. 

If you have already made a will, there are numerous reasons to review it on a regular basis including:

  • Divorce

  • Marriage

  • Children/Grandchildren

  • Adoption

  • Estate planning

  • Inheritance

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