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A Will is a legal declaration of an individual’s intentions as to how he or she wishes to dispose of their property after death. Once you make a Will then the legal process in dealing with your affairs will be easier and therefore less expensive. Making a Will is important.   

Wills Lasting Powers of Attorney
What is a Will? 
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Wills Lasting Powers of Attorney
Making a Will has never been so important

Have you ever considered what would happen if your life was suddenly cut short? Legally stating your wishes and making a Will are the best ways to lift the burden from family members at such difficult and emotional times. Dying without a Will leaves your loved ones to rely on the intestacy rules. Making a Will should be a priority for everyone over 18 years.


You may think you do not need to make a Will. You may think you are too young, not wealthy enough or you may have just given it no thought to making a Will at all. However the best time to make your Will is now, to ensure those you care about are provided for.


When making a Will


  • Protect your family by making provisions to meet their future financial needs

  • Name an experienced executor who is capable of ensuring that your wishes are carried out

  • Name a trusted guardian for your children

  • Provide for any special needs of specific family members

  • Include gifts to charity

  • Secure the peace of mind of knowing that your family and other heirs will receive according to your express wishes detailed in your Will.


There has never been a more important time to make a Will.


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Mirror Wills - £250

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